Another February Warm Spell

Another February Warm Spell

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - Warmer weather is on the way for much of the South through the weekend. High temperatures will likely reach the lower and middle 70s across most of South Mississippi on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

A low pressure system building in the Plains and a high pressure system across the east coast will drive a strong southerly flow in-between those two systems. This southerly wind flow will bring in warmer air to the Plains, the Midwest, and much of the Southeast... from New Mexico to Florida. Parts of central Texas are actually expected to warm to above 80 degrees by this weekend.

You may remember that South Mississippi had a recent warm spell at this exact same time of week, last week. And it will again be ahead of a Monday storm system.

But South Mississippi's weather pattern should remain rain-free until that Monday storm system arrives. So, if you're a lover of warm weather, you have a good four-day stretch, starting Thursday, of warm and dry weather to enjoy the outdoors!

"If you're going to be outdoors, keep in mind that with all of the sunshine and warmth, the UV index will go up. So, don't forget your sunscreen and your sunglasses," mentioned WLOX Chief Meteorologist Carrie Duncan.

"Make sure to enjoy this warmer weather while it lasts," WLOX Meteorologist Wesley Williams commented. "After the storm system arrives early next week, things will cool down: Wednesday's high temperatures will be chilly, only in the 50s."

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