Ceremony Remembers Victims

Arlene Conant died instantly after being hit head-on by a drunk driver. Tuesday, during a victims' rights ceremony in Gulfport, Conant's daughter remembered her mother.  As Billie Jo Ruspoli lit candles, she thought of her mother, Arlene Conant. Ruspoli says, "She's the one that kept our family together and now that she's gone, it's like we just fell apart. She was just a real good mother."

Arlene Conant died on the morning of April 13 last year. A drunk driver veered into her lane on Firetower Road, slamming head on into Conant's car. Ruspoli says her mother was the rock of the family, and her death devastated her husband, children and grandchildren. "All the time I think about her and her birthday's comin' up and Mother's Day and the date just passed and everytime I get in the car and drive down the road she's the one I think about the most. It's scary just thinkin' that at any minute it could just happen to me."

Ruspoli says people need to think about the consequences when they drive drunk. Michele Moran's decision to get behind the wheel shattered two families, and now Moran is serving eight years in prison. "She had children and her husband and her mom, but mostly her children and husband have to suffer for this too and it's sad." Ruspoli says both families must now live with sadness over the loss of a loved one.