Lovers Lane tree could be back on the chopping block

Lovers Lane tree could be back on the chopping block
This is the tree in question referred to as the "leaning tree". (Image Source: WLOX News)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - The Board of Aldermen voted Tuesday night to override Mayor Connie Moran's veto regarding the historic oak tree on Lovers Lane.

The decision, which followed a lengthy closed-door executive session, means the majestic tree could be back on the chopping block.

The board is still looking for ways to keep the tree standing, possibly by trimming its branches or putting up hazard lights.

"I am very pleased that the city has decided to take steps to protect the tree and save the tree. I think that's the right decision," said Lover's Lane resident Ken Altman. "I'm a little confused why they decided to override the mayor's veto, but with that said they've shown a commitment to take steps to protect the tree and to protect what Ocean Springs stands for."

Another resident, JoAnne Calhoun, added, "I am super delighted that the tree is going to be there at least for a while and that they are gonna spend some money in taking good care of it and that hasn't happened before, so that wonderful news."

Last week, Mayor Moran vetoed the board's decision to cut down the tree after she shot new video footage of an Ocean Springs Fire Department ladder truck going underneath the tree without having to stop.

Opponents of the tree have cited safety concerns involving emergency vehicles, raising concerns it could slow down response times.

But supporters said there hasn't been sufficient evidence to show the fire department's ladder truck had trouble getting down the lane.

In recent weeks, neighbors have shown their support for keeping the tree by decorating it with ribbons and displaying signs.

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