O.S. Bond: An Investment in Youth?

As her grandmother pushes her in a swing, 1-year old Adalia laughs with delight. She is too young to swing a tennis racket or kick a soccer ball, but her grandmother, Patricia Sandoval wants Adalia and other kids to have safe places to play as they grow up.

"Children need a balance in their life all people do. They're spiritual beings, but they're also intellectual and physical beings and play is a very important part of that," Sandoval says.

Even if the fun comes at a price, higher property taxes if a proposed $11 million bond issue passes. Part of the money will buy new places for kids to work off some energy.

"I think it'd be money well spent for the future of all our children," Sandoval says.

"I'm encouraging our people in the City of Ocean Springs to support this bond issue," says long time community leader Reverend Jessie Trotter.

He says people need to embrace the positive influence recreation brings to young lives.

"I'm crazy about children. The Lord blessed me with eight, and that was a real blessing. And to see the children's eyes and to see them so happy when they're participating in wholesome recreation, where you have people there looking after their welfare and they're not in the streets."

That's what grandparents like Patricia Sandolvol say voters should think about when they go to the polls June 7th.

Five million dollars of the bond issue will be committed to recreation. The rest of the money will pay for a new public safety complex. The bond vote is June 7th.