Desperate Mother Searches For Missing Son

It's been nearly three weeks since 14 year old Jacob Sigalas disappeared in Gautier. His mother dropped the teen off at the mall on March 5th to meet friends. It was the last time she saw him.

His mother says after the mall outting, the friends went to a party. There was drinking there, Sigalas passed out, and his friends left, she said.

Gautier police have found no signs of the teen, so Thursday, a mother desparate for answers, formed her own search party.

"Tomorrow it'll be three weeks my son's been gone," Sonya Bartholomew said as she peered into the thick wooded area near the house where her son was last seen. "Just sitting at home waiting. I can't take much more of this."

A disturbing and anonymous phone call, prompted Sonya Bartholomew and a group of friends to search the woods along the train tracks on Old Spanish Trail. That's the area where her son Jacob was last seen.

"Said they heard a lot of screaming going on the night my son disappeared, blood curdling screams. Somebody was getting hurt bad out here in these woods," said Bartholomew.

"One of them loaded a shotgun and come out, and he got scared cause of all the screaming, turned around and went back inside, but didn't call the law or nothing."

Not long after Jacob disappeared, his mother had a gut feeling her son wasn't coming home.

"My son's not alive anymore. It's just a matter of finding him," says Bartholomew. "I want to find him. I want closure. I have to find my son."

Gautier detectives have run down every lead they've received, including combing these same woods. But so far, they've come up with very little solid evidence.

"I'm going to go til I find something," said Bartholomew.

The wooded area along the tracks is thick with underbrush and vines.

"We're looking for anything," says Bartholomew. "Anything that'll give us a clue as to where he might be."

Making a thorough search in the area is physically difficult and emotionally draining. After two hours of walking the woods, this distraught mother found no more clues, and worst of all, no more hope.

"Fourteen years old, he's a baby," said Bartholomew. "He's not even had his life. I want my youngin home."