Concerns over possible sewage leak in Biloxi

Concerns over possible sewage leak in Biloxi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A possible sewage leak in Biloxi has some people disgusted. The leak is at the bus stop in front of the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Pass Road. Some describe it as raw sewage leaking from the ground, and many have said you can smell the stench from the outskirts of the parking lot.

Others said they have seen toilet paper and human waste cover the area around the sewer. People in the area are upset, because it leaks from the grass to the sidewalk and into the road.

People who regularly use the bus stop say this has been going on for months, and they want someone to fix the problem. City officials share a different side of the story.

City spokesman Vincent Creel said officials are working to find the source of the problem.

"It's one of these things where people say 'well gee, they haven't responded to my calls.' We've been out there three times to try and solve this issue. Each time, we've found it's been coagulated grease that's been clogging up the line," said Creel.

According to Creel, the city hopes to determine if it's a City of Biloxi issue or a Walmart issue and then come up with a long term solution in the next couple of days.

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