Waveland arrests may put brakes on months-long crime spree

Waveland arrests may put brakes on months-long crime spree

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Waveland Police have made four arrests that officials say are connected to about 10 crimes in the last several months.

The arrests have provided some comfort to the community, but others are still waiting for justice.

Kyle Fayard has been a resident of the Waveview Place Apartments for four years. After arrests, he says he feels a little safer.

"Yeah, it does make me feel better that the city of Waveland's police department is staying on track and cleaning the streets up and making it a better place, better community for everybody to live. Makes me feel a lot better," said Fayard.

The four people arrested are William Vaughn; Jordan Goff; Tyrone Holmes and Damarcus Hawkins. Police say Holmes and Hawkins are are connected to a December armed robbery and kidnapping at the apartment complex.

Even so, Fayard is not intimidated.

"I don't really live in fear," Fayard said. "I carry a firearm. I mean, I guess if they want to break into the right person's house, if you know what I mean. I'm not going to be scared; not in my home."

Site manager Gerry Best is also feeling better.

"Makes me feel wonderful they've been arrested and we don't have to worry about them being on our property anymore," added Best.

The arrests took place over a six-week period, and Chief David Allen says the suspects and the crimes are all connected.

"I think these people were believing they could do whatever they want," Allen said. "They could intimidate people into silence. And I believe from the people who have come forward to us, and the investigations we have done, that the city has said no more. We're not scared of you. We're not going to put up with this anymore and it's time for you people to go away."

Authorities are still looking for Lief Dasco in connection with a shooting at Barber College on Highway 90. Owner Constance St. Julien Mims is still waiting for justice.

"The man shot directly past me with no concern for my life," Mims said. "One move to the left or the right, he could have shot and killed me."

She almost lost her life, and now Mims says she's losing her business.

"The altercation actually happened outside my establishment in the parking lot," Mims said. "It could have happened anywhere but people are now saying they're scared to come by here and don't want to associate with my business and I'm the one who's suffering."

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