Work finally to begin on Canal Road

Work finally to begin on Canal Road

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Harrison County residents, businesses and elected officials all agree. Canal Road north of Interstate 10 is in desperate need of repair and modernization.

"For me, this is my number one paving project. I see it as a safety issue," said Harrison County Supervisor Angel Kibler-Middleton.

Most of the concern focuses on the intersection of Canal and Landon Roads. The traffic count is climbing, and it's a truck route. Harrison County is working with the state to tap into its road aid money fund that would be available to cover the cost of most of the work in that area.

"That project has been sent up to Jackson, is being looked at and signed off on. It's going to be some widening and improvements to the intersection, along with paving and asphalt overlaying south to  I-10," according to Road Manager Russell Weatherly.

An uneven road bed, pot holes and deteriorating shoulders on the sides of Canal Road are big problems moving north up to John Clark Road. That stretch of Canal would not be eligible for state aid money.

Middleton is appealing to her fellow supervisors to access paving funds, talking to leaders in Gulfport and looking into chasing grant money. She's leaving no stone unturned in an effort to find revenue.

"I'm going around like a preacher, holding my hand out to see who will help fund this that benefits so many residents," said Middleton.

The county estimates that it would take more than $500,000 to complete the work all the way to John Clark Road. Considering that price tag, the plan is to prioritize and move quickly on the south end with the help of state aid money.

Work on the Canal and Landon Road intersection could begin within the next six months.

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