Mississippi senators vote to strengthen North Korea sanctions

Mississippi senators vote to strengthen North Korea sanctions

WASHINGTON, DC (WLOX) - The U.S. senate passed sanctions against North Korea. According to officials, it's punishment for the expansion of possible nuclear weapons, along with the country's continual human rights violations. The bill now goes to President Obama's desk, where he's expected to sign it.

Both U.S. senators from Mississippi, Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, joined an overwhelming bipartisan majority of senators in voting to expand and strengthen sanctions.

"The President's doctrine of 'strategic patience' toward North Korea is clearly not working," Wicker said. "The 'hermit kingdom' flaunts its nuclear ambitions and ballistic missile capabilities with no consequences. The least we can do is impose additional sanctions on the Kim regime and those who continue to support it. I am hopeful that the Administration will join us in sending a strong message to the North Korean dictator that his provocations will no longer be tolerated."

"It is clear that we must change our approach to confronting the repressive regime controlling North Korea, which has repeatedly flaunted its disrespect for the world. Its nuclear weapons ambitions and government-sanctioned cyberattacks represent a threat to the security of the United States, our allies and global stability," Cochran said. "This comprehensive sanctions legislation is intended to strengthen our hand in dealing with North Korea."

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