Coach Ryan Joiner has St. Stanislaus soccer back on top

Coach Ryan Joiner has St. Stanislaus soccer back on top

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Just a few years ago, soccer at St. Stanislaus lost its edge.  The Rockachaws were no longer a contender for state titles.

That was until Ryan Joiner took over as the Rockachaws head coach.

Result...three consecutive Class 4A State Championship titles.  The win over Amory in the state title game on Saturday had St. Stanislaus close out the season on top, netting 23 wins 3 losses and 1 tie.

Coach Joiner says when he accepted the St. Stanislaus head coaching job,  he was determined to rebuilt the Rockachaws soccer program.

"Day one I met with them three years ago and we talked about winning championships and falling in love with the process of doing that and not just focusing in on the games, "said Joiner.  "The boys have bought into what we sell them as far as working hard in training, working hard in practice and the games will handle themselves."

So what is the reasons for his success at St. Stanislaus?

Joiner said, "My attention to detail.  The boys will tell you that.  I'm meticulous. I focus on each opponent individually, not just on our team.  I make sure the locker room is all set up for them.  To make sure we're taking proper care of our bodies.  That attention to detail separates us from the rest."

Joiner says he learned that playing in pressure situations can bring out the best in young men and his Rockachaws have responded.

"They say pressure makes diamonds and I think our guys, myself included, I thrive on that, "stated Joiner.  "There were doubters when I first got there.  I remember a coach telling me, St. Stanislaus wasn't who they use to be.  I told him, we'll get back to who they were and I think we did that.  Did we expect three in a row?  No, but are we pride of it, happy with it?  Absolutely."

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