Spring Breakers Enjoy South Mississippi Hot Spots

"We wanted to take a road trip you know," says a group of students from Carthage College in Kanosha, Wisconsin.

For this group of best friends, it was a 15 hour road trip that ended at the Mississippi Sound.

"We heard it was quite beautiful down here, which I'm going to have to say I agree with 100 percent," says Adam Chapman of Kenosha Wisconsin.

The Burton Family of Skiatook, Oklahoma was drawn to the family friendly atmosphere.

"We been down the beach on the Florida coast and they didn't have near the things you guys have here, says Lisa Burton. "Lots of carnival rides and stuff like that for the kids."

High school spring breakers Kelly Tarr and Leslie Sutherland like the close proximity of the coast to their home in Madison, Mississippi.

"We've been shopping, laying out, and hanging out at the hotel and stuff, says Kelly. "It's been fun."

Misty Velasquez with Harrison County Tourism Commission says the destruction left by Hurricane Ivan may also account for some of the spring break overflow.

"The recovery of the markets next to us has been slower than what they had hoped for," says Velasquez.

But Velasquez says whatever the reason people are choosing the Mississippi Coast over other destinations, it means early jump start to the all important summer tourist season.

"We're more than happy to house anybody who would like to come and see the Mississippi Gulf Coast, enjoy our beaches, eat in our restaurants, and just have a great time."