Long Beach Drug Raid Sends Two To Jail

Wayne McDowell stood over a table where Long Beach Police laid out the evidence they confiscated on Tuesday.

"We have four shotguns, and we have four different types of handguns," the deputy chief said.

Long Beach police found the guns when they served a search warrant at a Via Don Ray apartment.

"During the search warrant, we located approximately 400-600 pills, ranging from oxycontin, hydrocodene, methadone and diazepam," McDowell said.

Before police could arrest their 39 year old suspect, Shannon Lee Owen reportedly ran into a bedroom.

"We have had intelligence that he has claimed that if police ever came, he had weapons in the house," McDowell said.

According to the deputy chief, the handguns found in the apartment were loaded. The shotguns were empty. Police arrested the drug suspect without any shots being fired.

Owen faces four counts of possession with intent to distribute illegal pills. And 22-year-old Alicia Elizabeth Jenkins was accused of three similar drug possession charges.

McDowell said drugs, eight guns and $2,000 were collected as evidence by Long Beach investigators.

"It's just one more step to our zero tolerance on drugs," said McDowell.

An unidentified 15-year-old was also arrested during Tuesday's bust. He faces a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

As for the adult drug suspects, Shannon Owen went home after posting a $200,000 bond. Alicia Jenkins got out of jail after her bond was set at $30,000.