Family of Pass Christian shooting victim speaks out

Family of Pass Christian shooting victim speaks out
Shooting victim Carlos Bates (Photo Source: Facebook)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Rosie McLaurin can't believe her first born is gone.

"If anybody know Carlos, he's at the studio 24/7 if he ain't going to bond somebody out of jail or cut somebody's hair," said McLaurin.

Carlos Bates, a 29 year-old resident of Gulfport, was one of two killed after a shooting following the Pass Christian Mardi Gras parade Sunday. Four other people were also injured.

Bates' friends and family gathered at his recording studio to support one another during this very difficult time.

"I'm just at a loss for words," said his brother.

Loved ones describe the father of three as an aspiring musician.

"We was just talking about the future and what we can do with the music," said Remake Smith, Bates' best friend.

"That's my producer, we've spent countless hours, countless days in the studio," said Tiarra Deal, one of Bates' friends.

Smith says Bates was doing what he loved leading up to his death. He says as they were handing out mixtapes, they heard gunfire.

"Everybody scattered and once it stopped I just turned around and was looking for him. Then I seen some more folks screaming and I turned around and I seen his shoes and I was just praying that it was someone else," said Smith.

Bates' friends and family say he was an innocent bystander in the shooting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"My child wasn't the type to be out in gangs shooting at other people," said McLaurin.

And while some stress it's time to stop the violence, Smith says there needs to be more action to make that a reality.

"We have this conversation every time someone gets killed: Put the guns down. And it never stops, it never changes, I just pray that one day it gets together," Smith said.

Bates was gearing up to officially release his mixtape.

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