Report recommends changes for Biloxi schools special needs program

Report recommends changes for Biloxi schools special needs program

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Allegations of neglect and mistreatment of special needs students in Biloxi will bring changes to how the school district manages programs for those students.

We learned Friday that Superintendent Arthur McMillan will appoint a team to address issues raised in a state Department of Education investigation.

Complaints focused on treatment of special needs students at Gorenflo Elementary, alleging students were "warehoused in a segregated setting," they "received no individualized instruction" and "had no opportunity to participate with non-disabled peers.

McMillan said the Department of Education prohibits him from releasing any details on specific findings or specific recommendations of changes that must be made.

In a statement, McMillan said, "We are always learning, always trying to grow and improve, and the recent report from the MDE has shown us some areas that we need to work on."

The team to implement the changes will include administrators, teachers and outside consultants.

McMillan went on to say, "I'm proud of the hard-working and caring professionals that go over and beyond every single day to educate and care for our students, and I'm especially impressed by the services we offer to our special education students. We strive to provide for them a safe and structured environment in which they can achieve their goals."

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