Residents question Moss Point water quality

Residents question Moss Point water quality

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Some Moss Point residents are still complaining about discoloration in their water, but Public Works Director Russell Davis says the problem should be cleared up for everyone by the end of the day Friday.

Monday, Moss Point began the final phase or upgrades to the city's reverse osmosis water clarification system. Davis says residents experienced the discoloration while repairs were made at the city's reverse osmosis filtration plant.

The work was the final phase in a plan to replace old, plastic water pipes with new, stainless steel ones. According to Davis, the city had to switch the water supply to the old well system.

"We thought we had enough water in the clear well system and water towers to last a couple of days, but it wasn't enough. So, I made the decision to switch to the well system to meet the needs of citizens," Davis noted.

Davis says once the city switched to the well, it takes a couple of days for the well water to work through the system. The water inside the city limits is clear and the Three Rivers area should be all clear by the end of the day Friday, or Saturday morning.

The work to finish the line replacement was finished Wednesday. The reverse osmosis plant came back online Wednesday, as well. Davis assures residents the water from the well is safe to drink and it went through the chlorination system.

In 2015 the city had to use the well system for about a week when the first phase of the work was done.

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