WLOX Editorial: Give, but use caution when donating

WLOX Editorial: Give, but use caution when donating

The people of Mississippi are some of the most caring and charitable people in the country. When there is need, Mississippians are the first to step up to help, not only friends and neighbors, but also people they have never met.

Recently an accident victim in Laurel amassed big medical expenses. Local fund raisers quickly gathered more than $14,000. That's just what people in Mississippi do. But in this case one of the people involved in the fund raising is now charged with fraud in taking some of the money.

We hope this shameful act does not change the hearts of people who give, but we do urge you to use caution when donating and make sure your money gets where you intend it to go, so it can do the most good.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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