Will Flags Fly Again at Eight Flags?

The display has sat empty for a year after supervisors ordered the removal of all the flags. Supervisor Bobby Eleuterius says since last Tuesday's flag election, he's received about a dozen calls from people wanting the flags put back up. And Eleuterius, saying he speaks only for himself, agrees. "65-percent of the citizens of our state mandated that the Mississippi flag go back up and I think I would support that on public buildings because the public has spoken and whether you're on one side or another, the majority should rule and in this case they have spoken and spoken loudly so again I state that my position would be that I would be in favor of putting it back up," Eleuterius says.

Eleuterius says he doesn't know about the future of the Confederate Battle flag.  It was one of the flags that once flew on the display.

Supervisors' President Larry Benefield says he expects the board to discuss the flag issue in the future. Benefield says one option they may consider is putting up the state and American flags only, instead of all eight flags.