Gulfport residents come together to help end violence

Gulfport residents come together to help end violence

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - After recent spurts of violence, including the murder of 16-year-old Ny'gel Pool, Gulfport resident Nakisha White decided something needed to be done.

"These children are dying. Not just physically but spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and we're watching it," said White

White asked local parents and teens to join her at Studio 49 Salon to discuss ways to put an end to the killing.

A large part of the discussion centered around parenting and how discipline - or lack there of - is hurting their children.

Someone suggested parenting classes, something they say single mothers could really use. Other issues involved a need for different everyday after-school activities since, according to parents, the ones currently in place aren't working.

"They have an event every blue moon. They have a get together every once in a while, but these kids need something everyday," said Damien Pittman.

And that's exactly what White plans to offer. With the help of others, White wants to put in place a bank of volunteers who are on call 24-7 to offer different services to local kids.

"The Village" program will offer kids access to mentors, sponsors, transportation or anything else they may need.

"We have our kids killing each other. We have parents that really just show up and act like they don't care and some of them don't, but that's where we as a community can step in and say 'I do care.' We all can't do everything but together, we can do something," said White.

White says anyone can sign up to be a part of the volunteer bank, and hopes to get the "The Village" program up-and-running as soon as possible.

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