Early February storm system brewing

Early February storm system brewing

After several days of quiet weather, another storm system is looking to make a move across the country this week. On the cold side of the system, it will drop a swath of snow from New Mexico to Michigan. In the system's warm sector, rain showers and thunderstorms will drape across the southeast U.S. during the middle of the week.

This potent system will also have the potential to produce severe weather from the Midwest to the South on Groundhog Day (Tuesday) into Tuesday night. The bulls-eye for the greatest severe weather potential stretches from north Mississippi to western Kentucky.

While South Mississippi has a lesser potential for severe weather than its neighbors to the north, there will still be a chance for a few strong to severe storms late Tuesday into early Wednesday in the WLOX viewing area. "Any stronger storms that form during that time-frame will be capable of producing damaging straight-line wind gusts and tornadoes," commented WLOX Meteorologist Wesley Williams.

The timing for the severe weather event is not set in stone and can still change in upcoming forecasts. "The way it looks right now, we may not see any storms during the daylight hours on Tuesday. And then they'll move in after nightfall," Williams said. "Storms could be wrapping up around sunrise Wednesday, which could affect morning commuters. Showers may linger into the afternoon before we begin to dry up."

Colder weather is set to settle in behind the system for the second half of the week. Daytime high temperatures on Thursday and Friday will be in the mid 50s with morning lows in the 30s. "The set up will be there for another light freeze on Friday morning across much of South Mississippi," Williams warned. "So, hopefully folks will remember to again take care of their pets and plants as well as check on the elderly in their neighborhood and those without heat."

The WLOX First Alert Weather Team will continue to track this system as it approaches and eventually moves into the area. Be sure to monitor the latest forecasts for the most updated developments. A good way to stay updated is to download the WLOX Weather App (or visit wlox.com/weather) and to check it often-- it's one of the only apps updated several times a day by local meteorologists who live right here in South Mississippi.

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