Supervisor: St. Martin intersection project may take until end of the year to finish

Supervisor: St. Martin intersection project may take until end of the year to finish

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - There are signs of progress to make the intersection of Old Fort Bayou and Yellow Jacket roads safer, but the only sign that functions is a single stop sign at one of the busiest roads in St. Martin - the entry to St. Martin High, the middle school and Upper Elementary.

Residents and officials say it's no more safe now than it was two years ago when the county started the project.

"The wonders of bureaucracy," said Jackson County Supervisor Troy Ross. "When we're doing a joint project with different levels of government, bureaucracy becomes a huge burden."

The project will remove the blind curve coming into the intersection, create turn lanes and place a four-way stop light, however, the $2 million project may not be done until November.

Ross says the first delay was mitigation with the EPA, then utilities had to be moved and now, the county is waiting on MDOT to provide authority to put out bids to build the new extension to Yellow Jacket Road.

The sluggish progress has taken the supervisor by surprise.

"I thought we ought to be able to get this done a whole lot faster than we did but I've learned that road projects, when you start from scratch take a very long time to develop," added Ross.

St. Martin High School principal Dina Holland has been fighting for the project for more than two years.

"I live in the St. Martin community," Holland said. "I've watched this project sit here, sit here and sit here. It's time for us to have a road that is safe to drive our students to school."

In the meantime, those who use the road continuously say the only thing they can do is be safe.

"Be patient. That's all I can say," said resident Merita Boney. "And not try to beat the traffic. You'll get to where you're going eventually."

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