Super Bowl 50 goes high tech for home entertainment

Super Bowl 50 goes high tech for home entertainment

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - While thousands of football fans will be filing into seats at Levi's Stadium in California this Sunday, millions more will be settling in at home for a Super Bowl viewing experience all their own.

For home entertainment, the Super Bowl is just another holiday for big sales. Football junkies have to have the latest and greatest for their home parties.

"Figured it's about time to upgrade a little bit," said Alva Bennett, customer.

You can upgrade to a 60, 70, or even an 80 inch. How about 4K or Ultra High Definition?

D'Iberville Best Buy general manager Steve Moses has seen his wall of TVs expand over the years to make room for the expanding technology. And as the NFL playoff season begins, he sees his business expanding a bit too.

"And as the season progresses on closer to Super Bowl we really have a lot of people rolling in the door buying big sets," said Moses.

Sometimes the selection can be a little overwhelming for customers.

"Too many choices. They need to narrow it down a little," said Bennett.

But, some find just what they're looking for. Debbie Howchin has her sights set on a 4K Ultra HD Sharp.

"It looks like you're actually there so it's very lifelike," said Howchin.

This isn't her first TV purchase. She bought another Sharp almost 30 years ago, and it's still working. Her strategy is to stick with a brand you trust.

"You always buy quality over price," said Howchin. Getting the impressive technology home is one thing. Installing it is another.

While Best Buy has its own installation team, there's another player in town for even more extensive jobs.

There are businesses that specialize in doing everything from small installations to whole home integration. Some even work with a homeowner throughout construction.

"When they come home, they want to play. They want everything to be easy. And that's the first thing we always hear is, we want it to be easy," said Reardon.

This ease of use has to be ready for the big game Sunday.

"They'll call up, usually two weeks prior, sometimes the week of the Super Bowl and say, 'hey, we just thought of this,'" said Reardon.

This could be anything from a new television and audio system, to a full fledged theater room. There are several features that Walt Reardon and his team at Gulf Coast Audio and Video have seen become a recent trend.

"Outdoor entertainment areas have gotten bigger," said Reardon. Including outdoor kitchens with a TV, outdoor fireplaces with a TV and even pools with sound systems built-in to the surrounding landscaping.

Another trend is home automation. It can all be controlled by a panel on the wall.

"Hit a button, and it's called party mode, or sports mode, or whatever. And they could hit that button, lights come on, shades come up, door locks open up, the TV comes on, gets set to the right channel. So, the automation is a big issue that we can help them with," said Reardon.

The technology has become even more mobile. This Super Bowl will see more homeowners than ever controlling every electronic in their home from the palm of their hand.

"With the tablet here, you can control everything. On the system, with the home theatre, you can hit watch TV, watch DVD and everything right from the tablet or phone," Reardon.

So, many may say that the experience from home is now far better and more comfortable than fighting the crowds in the stadium.

You can watch the Super Bowl game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers this Sunday, Feb. 7 on WLOX CBS. Kick-off is at 5:30 p.m.

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