Wife's CPR May Have Saved Pascagoula Mayor's Life

Pascagoula firefighters responded to a medical call last Tuesday afternoon. The destination, Mayor Joe Cole's home on Willow Street. The reason, possible heart attack.

"We got on scene probably two minutes after the initial call," Pascagoula Firefighter Jackson Jones says.

"His wife was there and was doing CPR," Pascagoula Fire Lieutenant Anthony Davidson says.

These firefighters say Mrs. Cole started trying to recessitate her husband before any other medical personnel arrived. They say it was an act that very well may be what saved his life.

"You only have about six minutes between the time someone goes down until you start having the possibility of brain damage. You want to do CPR to provide oxygen to the brain to give them a better chance to survive," Davidson says.

"The minute he goes down you should start CPR, check for a pulse, if he's breathing. Look, listen, and feel," Jones says.

"It's a good thing and anybody can do it," Pascagoula Firefighter Jon Hyatt says.

Anyone can, but the truth is these firefighters say most people have never learned how.

"More often than not when you get onto a scene there's nobody doing CPR," Davidson says.

That means first responders and trained paramedics then try to make up for that lost time. Luckily for Cole, they didn't have to.

"If they don't start CPR initially, a lot of times the survival rate is a lot less," Jones says.