New Exit Ramp Eyed For D'Iberville

Bob Mandel envisions a second exit ramp coming off I-110, somewhere near Big Ridge Road. That's close to the property Mandel is negotiating to develop into retail shops.

Business owner Webster Lee likes the idea of more access.

"It would be real positive. It would be to the fact that the city would have an instant growth potential on Lamey Bridge and in the general vicinity," Lee says.

With an $18 to 23 million price tag, Mandel says private money and tax incentives would pay for the ramp.

Alderman at Large Oliver Diaz says the project would be D'Iberville's biggest economic boom.

"It's going to open up the inner part of our city and give the people access to the downtown area and all of the area in here, rather than just letting them feed on into Biloxi. The only access we have now is the Rodriquez exit and we need another one."

D'Iberville's mayor says he has seen a lot of similar plans over the last six years, but this one seems to have all the right players.

"We've had different developments that's planned to come in and Mr. Mandel does have a project that he's brought to the table and the city has passed a resolution in favor of the project. So we're anticipating a workshop today and then from this workshop we'll go back to the Department of Transportation and set our plans out," says Mayor Rusty Quave.

There is no construction time frame. And before any contracts are signed, the Mississippi Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration would have to give the final okay.