Mother Of Missing Boy Fears Worst

Jacob Sigalas' mother dropped her son off to meet friends at the mall. She never dreamed it might be the last time she saw him. That was the night of March 4th.

The 14-year-old has been listed as a missing person for two weeks now, and Gautier Police haven't had much luck finding leads in the case.

It's been 17 days since Sonya Bartholomew saw her son Jacob or had a decent night's sleep.

"I just sit and stare at the walls when I go to bed just hoping and praying," Bartholomew says.

She's been praying for her son's safe return since she dropped him off at the mall to meet friends.

"He met up with three other people and they went to a party at this guy's house," Bartholomew. "They told me they left around midnight."

According to his friends, Jacob had passed out, so they decided to leave without him.

"They left my son passed out on a bed in the bedroom at this guy's house and that's the last time my son was seen," says Bartholomew.

Detective Scott Wilson with the Gautier Police Department says investigators are following up on several leads, but so far have had little luck. Wilson says they have received anonymous calls from people who claim to have seen Jacob, but so far nothing has panned out.

The case is still being handled strictly as a missing person. But after 17 days of uncertainty, Sigalas's family is beginning to fear the worst.

"I don't feel like my son's alive," says Bartholomew. "I really don't. I mean, I know my boy. He didn't run away. He's missing. He would've done called home or went to his sister or something."

The most recent pictures Sigalas has of Jacob are stilled images taken from a friend's video camera. She hopes someone will recognize her son and call the police.

Although she's beginning to lose hope, Bartholomew wanted to send a message to her son, just in case he's listening.

"Come home. I can't handle much more of this," says Bartholomew. "I've tried to cope with it, but it's hard to do. Ya know, you wake up and your child's gone. Nobody's seen him, heard from him. I just, I want my son home."