Biloxi Tears Down Building For Caillavet Expansion

As a backhoe slammed through a freezer entrance, Clell Rosetti reminisced about his family business.

"It's sad and glad," he said, referring to the demolition of his warehouse. "But in the long run, it's going to be a tremendous amount better."

The Rosettis have spent more than 50 years selling seafood on Caillavet Street. But shortly after the casinos moved into town, Biloxi asked Clell Rosetti and his Quality Poultry and Seafood company to relocate.

It took some legal maneuvering for both sides to reach a fair buyout price. But eventually, Rosetti agreed to rebuild.

His new store is still on Caillavet, less than a block from the original location. And it's set back just enough so the new road can have the room it needs.

"I had my doubts at the beginning," Rosetti said. "But in the end, there is a site at the end of the road here now."

These days, the road is a mess. But by the end of the year, drainage pipes should be underground. And the mayor says traffic should be using at least part of the wider Caillavet Street.

"When this street opens up, I believe that you're going to see a lot more development come in on both sides," Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway said.

For now, the work is concentrated on the east side of Caillavet. That's the land Biloxi had to buy, with buildings it had to demolish, in order to widen the north south road and make it more attractive to developers and visitors.

Despite initial skepticism, Clell Rosetti now likes what he sees.

"It's going to work. It's definitely going to work now," he said.

Biloxi budgeted almost $7 million for the Caillavet Street Revitalization Project . Road widening work should be completed in June 2006.