Cub Scouts zoom through the Pinewood Derby

Cub Scouts zoom through the Pinewood Derby

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Members of Cub Scout Troop 321 put their cars to the test at the Pinewood Derby in Long Beach on Saturday.

Participants built their cars out of small pieces of pinewood and decorated them however they chose. The cars were released from the top of a long track, and the first one to reach the bottom was declared the winner.

Besides being fun, derby participants say it was a great lesson for Cub Scouts.

"Pinewood Derby teaches you physics, math, as well as craftsmanship and handiwork," said Cub Scout Master Tash Solangi. "You'll be able to use the tools to fulfill all the dreams you have of what the car is supposed to look like."

Wolf Scout Vincent LaRosa won first place, Webelos Joshua Norra came in second and Caleb Solangi came in third.

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