South Mississippi deals with latest cold snap

South Mississippi deals with latest cold snap

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - South Mississippi may not be getting the snow or ice that now cover many parts of the country, but the cold weather has arrived. And according to forecasts, it will soon get even colder as the temperature drops to below freezing later Friday night.

Bright sunshine on Friday couldn't disguise the frigid wind and falling temperatures. Most people bundled-up before venturing outdoors.

Donna Moore and her three dogs put on their cold weather gear before taking a walk in Jones Park.

"Oh, yes I am. Very warm. Walking makes your blood move faster so it flows warmly," said Moore.

A little cold snap isn't enough to keep Steve Armstrong from enjoying his motorcycle. He says the cold temperatures aren't that bad.

"I like it, it's nice and cool. Rain's the worst. Rain is the worst," said Armstrong, "Cold and rain is really bad."

The Salvation Army is expecting a crowd at its cold weather shelter during the weekend. Warm blankets and cozy cots are waiting for those needing to escape the cold.

"And we feed them. There's fellowship here. Sometimes they bring out games. They get a nice hot meal for dinner and then they get something for breakfast," said Morgan Shiyou with the Salvation Army.

Volunteers are always welcome at the shelters in Gulfport and Pascagoula.

"They're needed for, to make sure that people stay where they're supposed to stay. We don't want people running in and out," said Shiyou.

Even with meteorologists using words such as "wind chill" and "feels like" temperature; what one considers to be cold is largely dependent on  perspective.

"It's nice compared to Chicago," said Barbara Duong, who is visiting the coast from Chicago.

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