Trending WLOX: Social generosity aids Flint residents

Trending WLOX: Social generosity aids Flint residents

FLINT, MI (WLOX) - Two weeks into 2016, not everyone is celebrating a happy new year. Residents of Flint, Michigan are in the midst of a water crisis.

After the city switched its water source in 2014 to save money, lead-tainted water from the Flint River flowed into homes and businesses. Though officials insisted the water was safe, then-Mayor Dayne Walling and other officials even sampling the water in front of local media, tests confirmed dangerous levels of lead.

Now, as politicians apologize, the question remains: What now? Although officials don't yet have a permanent solution, social media found a temporary fix: donating clean water.

People from coast to coast have united in an effort to assist in what has now been declared a state of emergency in the city.

On Facebook, one group friends sought to raise a mere $450 to send water to the Michigan residents. However, thanks to the power of social generosity, the group raised more than $2,000 in two days.

Wednesday, Instagram user icgreen posted a photo of a semi-truck in Atlanta, nearly full, ready to head to Flint.

Even celebrities are lending a hand. Famed singer Cher donated five truck loads of water to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

If you would like to help, there are a variety of ways you can get involved:

Make a monetary contribution:

Donate bottles of water via Amazon Pantry

Click here to view a timeline of the ongoing water crisis.

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