American Airlines cancelations have ripple effect in South Mississippi

American Airlines cancelations have ripple effect in South Mississippi
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GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The huge winter storm approaching the East Coast sent passengers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport scrambling to get out of town.

However, American Airlines plans to cancel 650 flights - in and out of the city - beginning Friday.

The effects are being felt in South Mississippi. Both flights from Gulfport to Charlotte at Gulfport Biloxi International Airport have been canceled.

LaBradford Rollins has been working on the Coast, but had to change his plans returning to Cincinnati with a connecting flight in Charlotte.

"Typically, I leave out Friday so it did affect me slightly," Rollins said. "I had to leave out a day early and get some appointments done today, and kind of jam pack everything together this week."

Airport officials say cancellations of any kind are rare. The Charlotte cancellation is only expected to affect roughly 100 passengers.

Lindsey Miller of Newport News, Va., was booked for her connecting flight to Charlotte Thursday night, but would have left earlier if she could have.

"I have been suck in an airport for two days based on a winter storm before, so that's what I was trying to avoid," said Miller. "So I'm hoping that doesn't happen tonight."

Ethan Andress is on his first flight, but was oblivious to the storm.

"I actually didn't know about it until now," Andress said. "I'm actually going to New Jersey where it's probably snowing anyway."

Paul Slater of Pascagoula was on the last flight from Charlotte to Gulfport, after working in Boston.

"They didn't know if they were going to be getting a foot, or maybe two or three foot, of snow in Boston," Slater said. "They had no idea, so they let me go a little bit early."

Slater says he was grateful.

"A lot. I didn't want to get hung up in no airport."

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