One South Mississippi Family Sending Toys For Iraqi Tots

Stuffing beads and other trinkets into boxes has been like a second job for Brandi Kinsey and her mother-in-law Charlotte Kinsey.

"This one's going to weigh good Brandi. It's getting very heavy," Charlotte says as she picks up one box.

Who would have ever guessed their jobs started when Brandi received an e-mail from her husband Gary Kinsey of the 150th Combat Engineer Battalion out of Lucedale.

In it he told her he felt sorry for the poor children of Iraq that they have nothing not even a toy.

"So he was like, we're going to give them some Mardi Gras beads,"Brandi Kinsey says, "He passes them out and says you should have seen the looks on their faces. It was like Christmas morning just to get Mardi Gras beads."

That's how Toys for Troops started.

In the last two months, the Kinseys have sent hundreds of toys to Iraq with Gary Kinsey passing them out once they arrive.

"He handed the little ambulance truck to the little boy and he said that little boy smiled and smiled, he said it tickled him to death, he had a toy," Charlotte says.

These pictures tell the story.

Kinsey with a gun in one hand, suckers and beads in the other.

"He started handing them out to those little children and they loved them," Charlotte adds.

The Kinseys mail off more than 14 of these boxes of toys to Iraq every week.

They say not only do these toys help brighten the faces of the Iraqi children, they also help the soldiers do their jobs.

"So maybe passing out the toys will let them know, hey, they're good people, they are just here to help us,"Brandi says.

It may be just a simple act of kindness, but Brandi hopes the message echoes across Iraq bringing more peace and stability to the country one toy at a time.