Residents Say New Entertainment Pavilion Is Too Loud

31st Avenue in Gulfport is usually quiet and peaceful.

"Very, very quiet,"  says Tim Gearheart, who lives on 31st Avenue about two blocks from Grand Casino.

But Gearheart says that peace was shattered Saturday night.

"Very disturbing," said Gearheart.  "Inside, doors closed, air conditioner running, you couldn't even watch TV it was so loud."

Country music star Travis Tritt performed at Grand Casino Gulfport's new outdoor pavilion for more than two hours Saturday night. Some people stood on the sidewalks and in the median along Highway 90 to enjoy a free concert, but several neighbors called police to complain about the noise.

"If I would play my stereo that loud, I'm sure the police would be here," said Gearheart.  "And they'd tell me to turn it down or arrest me."

But police did nothing to stop the Travis Tritt concert. Chief Wayne Payne says Grand Casino applied for a variance to the noise ordinance for Saturday night and he approved it.

Gulfport City Councilman Richard Rose says he's going to make sure that doesn't happen again. Rose says he could hear the concert at his house nearly a mile away.

"They do not need to have any outdoor concerts there," said Ward 2 City Councilman Richard Rose.  "They can enclose the facility and have concerts inside and that would be deemed acceptable."

Grand Casino Gulfport General Manager Joe Billhimer told WLOX News, "We plan to sit down with city officials Monday to discuss ways to improve noise levels for future concerts. We are committed to making it right with the community."

Grand Casino Gulfport is already advertising for future concerts at the entertainment pavilion. Residents say they don't mind if the casino holds the concerts, they just don't want to have to hear them.