Bay High Steppers claimed a seventh straight Dance Team State Title

Bay High Steppers claimed a seventh straight Dance Team State Title

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - In December the Bay High Steppers Dance Team accomplished something special...winning a seventh consecutive state championship title.

They captured first-place in Kick and second-place in Jazz, despite having to replace the dance teacher in October.

The job was posted and Angie Favre was hired.  She said at first the girls decided that they wouldn't compete in the state competition because they were starting late and didn't think they had enough preparation time to defend their title.

Favre says she spoke with the dance team members and they decided to give it their all and dedicated themselves in trying to win a seventh consecutive state championship.

Angie Favre said, "Came back strong as a team.  Put in so many hours.  I'm talking three, four hours a day.  We worked on Sunday.  Any extra-time that we had off we were working."

Just getting to the state competition was great and once they got there, the girls excelled.

"Us making it to state was a big accomplishment under the circumstances, "stated Favre.  "But going there and winning was a lesson for all of us."

When you are a six-time defending state champion, you automatically have a target on your back.  Yes, the girls faced pressure.

Steppers senior captain Madelynn Garza said, "Well, I think there's pressure every year since I was a freshman.  When I cane in as a freshman they had already won 3 or 4 times.  And every year since then is kind of builds up and expectations to win again and what would happen if we didn't win."

Nothing is going to be handed to you and the dance team members proved that by giving their all in practice.

"There is tons of practice, "stated junior captain Jill Seymour.  "Early morning practice on Sunday, seven o'clock , two hours at a time.  Just constantly learning the dance, getting the best we can be to go and compete.  It all paid off in the end."

Shelby Furr, another junior captain said, "There's always a lot of pressure.  There's always that 50-50 chance you could win or come in second place.  Going in there you just hope and pray that you get to first place."

Coach Angie Favre says the previous dance teacher and an abundance of outstanding dance teachers in the area have helped build a winning program at Bay High.  She says it begins when the girls start taking dance lessons at a young age.

"This program is pretty phenomenal but that goes with the studio's we have within the district, "stated Favre.  "We have some great studios and teachers.  I think it's a combination of everything."

The Bay High Steppers have already set their sights on 2016.

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