South Mississippians Prepare For Spring

The spring season has almost sprung, and many people are getting ready to add a little something special to their homes and gardens to celebrate the occasion.

"I've got a bunch of plants that I'm fixin' to fix in my front bed at the house.The color is purple, and that's my favorite color," said Peggy Bass.

"Getting the yard ready, fertilizing, preventing weeds from growing, making sure I get my weed and feed out there and putting out new spring annuals. Making sure the yard is real pretty so when you pass by you kind of feel "springy"," said Dorothy Coleman.

"I have a very small backyard and I'm making it into a courtyard. So I'm just doing all the work myself and saving a lot of money," said Merle Mack.

"It's been real busy today. The weather's great. It broke. We feel like we're in Spring," said Home Depot store manager David Benoit.

For some, spring time means adding something new. For others, restoring something old.

But for all of the shoppers out here, the springtime is simply a season to just kick back and relax.

"You get a chance to think more about relaxing. The winter months, you come home you cook, you go to sleep. Springtime, you come home and you get out and do things. So it's fun," said Coleman.

But the fun may not be had by all.

"We're getting some annuals to put in our front yard right now, trying to get it shaped up for summer. So Spring is all about color? A lot of color. What does Spring mean for you, Mr. York? A lot of hard work," said Gale and George York.