More turmoil for SRHS lawsuit

More turmoil for SRHS lawsuit
Although many SRHS retirees said they were happy that the board let Guice speak publicly about last week's "secret" meeting, what he had to say doesn't add up. (Photo source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Singing River Health System retirees got a surprise during Tuesday's Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting. They thought they'd hear more about replacing the vacancy left by the resignation of Scott Taylor. Instead, the board spent more than 30 minutes listening to their attorney Billy Guice defending last week's "secret" meeting.

"There was limited discussion once parties started arriving, most of which related to football and generally jokes," Guice said.

The meeting was between the judge and eight others involved in the SRHS cases - but failed to include attorneys for the retirees. And although the retirees say they are happy that the board let Guice speak publicly about the meeting, some say what he had to say doesn't add up.

"He said they told jokes and talked about football, but that judge drove 200 miles to do that, and it's hard for me to believe that he would do that," said SRHS retiree Terry Wise.

"I'm feeling that he's not trustworthy. I think the board should get rid of him and find someone else," said SRHS retiree Irma Doss.

As far as Scott Taylor's resignation, he said he decided to step down after Harvey Barton, one of the attorneys representing more than 200 retirees, threatened to burn his house down in a Facebook post. Taylor said some people viewed this statement as a call to arms and he's receiving threats on social media.

Barton has since responded via the SRHS Hopes Facebook page saying he doesn't advocate violence of any sort. He also asked others to refrain from threatening Taylor as well.

With two spots on the board open, the board voted to appoint Jim Epting of Pascagoula to fill the vacant at large position. Superintendent Randy Bosarge also announced they are taking resumes for Taylor's position.

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