Pascagoula Residents Shocked To Hear About Neighbor's Murder

"We've never seen this kind of action here before,"Catherine Greene says.

Residents on Old Mobile Highway usually spend their afternoons quietly working outside.

But Catherine Greene says Friday afternoon was a different story when her niece and nephew came and told her something out of the ordinary was going on right next door.

"Aunt Catherine, Aunt Catherine, come quick. You've got to come because there's something going on next door," She says.

Greene says she looked outside and saw a bunch of police cars lining the street, yellow tape surrounding her next door neighbor's home, and curious onlookers crowding the sidewalk.

"It didn't sink in that someone had been killed. That was just like a real shock to me."

But someone had.

29-year-old Lamont Ashford was found dead in his home just after 12 noon.

Police say his feet and hands were bound, and he suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Coronor Vicki Broadus says Ashford hadn't been dead very long before his body was found.

We spoke to many neighbors today.

Most of them didn't wish to speak on camera, but agreed with Greene saying they knew very little about Ashford or his wife Latona.

"Just through waving, speaking to them, trying to be neighborly," Greene says.

For Greene, just knowing someone was murdered 20 feet from her home makes her a little uneasy.

"It's was alarming to know that all of this action was taking place right next door to us."