Andrew's Blog: Rain returns to the forecast

Andrew's Blog: Rain returns to the forecast

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - It has been a dry and chilly past few days across South Mississippi, but a change in our weather is on the way. An area of low pressure is currently tracking its way across the United States and will soon have an effect on our weather here.

The past few nights we've had temperatures drop down to the lower 30s and upper 20s, but for Tuesday evening temperatures will only drop to the lower 40s as southerly winds return, bringing in warmer air and more moisture.

For Thursday, the area of low pressure previously mentioned will track across northern Arkansas and southern Missouri, leaving us with higher chances for rain.

Right now we aren't completely certain on the track the low will take, but we do know that if the low tracks further to the north, it will mean less rain for us and further south will mean more.

Either way, we are expecting rain on Thursday. With it there will be a marginal risk for a few strong storms with the main risk within a strong storm, if we see one, being damaging winds.

The amount of rain we should expect at most from the system through Friday morning is half an inch to an inch and a half across South Mississippi.

We'll start off Friday with a few light showers and cloud cover possible, but after the passage of the cold front the cooler, drier air will return to our area and we'll be left with another chilly, but dry weekend.

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