SRHS trustee resigns amid alleged social media threats

SRHS trustee resigns amid alleged social media threats

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Singing River Health System's newest trustee, Scott Taylor, has resigned from that position. He said Harvey Barton, the attorney representing more than 200 retirees who have sued the hospital system over its failed pension plan, made comments on social media that could be perceived by some as a "call to arms."

Taylor was appointed to the board of trustees last year. He sent his resignation letter to all SRHS trustees and Jackson County supervisors Tuesday morning.

Taylor claims Barton threatened to burn down his house in the post. Taylor said one response to Barton's post said burning down his house sounded like fun.

Taylor said Barton claims to have made the post as a metaphor, but he worries some who are involved in the SRHS pension fund fight could take the statement as a "call to arms."

"In short, he has endangered my family," wrote Taylor in his resignation letter. "It would be at the very least extremely irresponsible for me to remain in a position if there was even a remote possibility that some harm could come to my wife and children. Nothing could justify that risk."

Barton defended himself in a post shared to the SRHS Hopes Facebook page. In that post, Barton said he does not advocate violence against Taylor or his family, but he does say he made an "analogy of war vs the county, hospital, etc."

"I do not advocate violence of any sort regardless of the degree of betrayal. Scott knows I did not personally threaten him or his family," Barton wrote in the post. "Please do not do so."

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