Students honor Martin Luther King Jr. with day of service

Students honor Martin Luther King Jr. with day of service

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - While the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday was a day off for many, students at St. Martin Middle School chose to spend it honoring Martin Luther King with a day of service.

Bingo was the game and smiling faces were the goal for members of St. Martin Middle School's Junior Civitan Club who visited Ocean Springs Nursing Center.

"Doing something that doesn't cost any money, just takes a little bit of time, but it could really brighten someone's day maybe even more," said St. Martin Middle School teacher Candace Howard.

On this holiday people are called to reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King through a national day of service. Eighth grader Erin Schreck understands that calling and was glad to volunteer her time and in a small way continue the legacy of Dr. King by working to strengthen her community.

"It's important to spread his spread his word to others to be helpful to people," said Schreck.

It's the first year for the Junior Civitan Club at St. Martin Middle School. Sponsor Candace Howard hopes the example these students are setting will lead to others stepping up for volunteer work.

"They want to make themselves better," said Howard. "That's a good example to the other kids in the school and other kids in the community."

As for the visit, it's mission accomplished.

"A lot of us need it because some of us don't have family that's close enough where they can see them," said Dale Sands, resident of Ocean Springs Nursing Center. "When the kids come around and do things with us it makes them feel so much better. I love it."

Congress initiated the Martin Luther King Day of Service in 1994.

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