Murder Near Elementary School in Pascagoula

Yellow police tape wrapped around the house and yard at 4611 Old Mobile Highway in the heart of Pascagoula, a sign that something inside the home was not quite right.

Twenty-nine-year-old Lamont Ashford was found dead inside. Ashford was shot in the head, with his hands and feet tied. The shooting death happened within walking distance of Arlington Elementary School.

Ashford's younger brother told police he and two other people went to the house for a visit today. When they arrived, the side door and the garage door were open. Ashford's brother went inside and found his older brother's body in the hallway near the living room.

Pascagoula police confirmed Ashford had been shot at least once. His hands and feet were bound with plastic ties.

Coroner Vicki Broadus told us Ashford was shot today and he had not been dead very long when his body was found. Police also found one of Ashford's pit bulls dead in the backyard, adding another twist to this murder in broad daylight.