Trending WLOX: Bearing the cross

Trending WLOX: Bearing the cross
Mitchell says the people he has met during his journey have helped him along the way. (Photo source: WLOX News)

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - For some people, walking in faith can mean many different things: praying, worshiping or serving others.

But Mitchell Manning takes the term quite literally; bearing an oversized cross as he walks across the country.

"I wanted to do this because as a Christian, I want to tell people about Jesus," said Manning.

Manning, who initially got the idea for his cross-country journey eight years ago, started his trip around October. He says he's not good at talking to people, and realized that bearing the cross was a way to be an example without having to say anything.

Those he's met on his trek, which started in Jacksonville, Fla, have gone out of their way to help Manning. Some offer shelter and a place to charge his phone, and others have even helped with the maintenance on his cross.

"Everybody has been really good. I was expecting to have to buy food and water as I went, but people provided everything I need," noted Manning. "As I've been going, people have helped me build a better platform. When it [the cross] cracked, I had people help me repair it."

Often times Manning sleeps outside, but he doesn't let the outdoors deter from his mission.

"If I'm sleeping outside, I'll get up and pack up my tent and sleeping bag and start walking. I'll usually walk a few hours and take a rest and each lunch," noted Manning.

The devout Christian expects to make his way to San Diego, California by August, and has a message for those who may see him during his journey:

"Jesus said take up your cross and follow me, so I want people to know that when you're a Christian and God calls you to do something, whether it's taking up a cross and walking or just talking to people, just do something for God," said Manning.

Manning is documenting his journey on his Facebook page, Cross Walk America. Click here to view a slideshow.

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