The Larry White Project car unveiled Friday at Lyman Community Center

The Larry White Project car unveiled Friday at Lyman Community Center

LYMAN, MS (WLOX) - A street-legal, dual-controlled race car was being built for Larry White -- a 43-year-old Saucier man who loves racing, but cannot drive because he has cerebral palsy.

That's when his uncle Eddie Willis ignited a plan about two years ago that would turn Larry's dream into an attainable one.

The renovated vehicle was unveiled Friday at the Lyman Community Center in front of hundreds of supporters.

Willis said there were so many people and organizations who helped build this car thanks to donations, including Jeremy Idom of Lookout Graphix, which placed all the decals on the vehicle.

Lloyd Craig donated the original car to The Larry White Project, but it was a man from Missouri by the name of Buster McDaniel whose continuous donations turned a clunker into a crown jewel.

"I didn't want anything back and don't care about getting anything back," McDaniel said. "I did it for Larry, in the beginning for me and to help Eddie.

"When he said they would have the unveiling, there was no issue of me coming down. I was going to do it. [I] teased Eddie that I wouldn't come down if there weren't more than five people."

During Willis' speech to the crowd, he mentioned that McDaniel was responsible "for half of the car."

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