Changes to Landon Road across from Sam's Club and the Anchor Plaza on the way

Changes to Landon Road across from Sam's Club and the Anchor Plaza on the way

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - At certain times of the day, an area off Landon Road near Old Highway 49 and Highway 49 becomes congested with traffic. 

The influx of traffic began when Sam's Club was built in January of 2009 and other businesses followed - a Newk's restaurant across from Sam's, a hotel and Rooms to Go.

Gulfport Urban Development Director Greg Pietrangelo is well aware of the congestion.

"We've got some designs out there that have been put out to widen it to a point to the west and try to take care of some of the traffic," said Pietrangelo.

The Anchor Development Plaza south of Sam's is starting to take shape. Two new restaurants, Mugshots and Buffalo Wild Wings, are under construction. A Hampton Inn and Suites is now open for business, and a Home 2 Suites by Hilton is nearing completion. The Anchor Plaza is west of Crossroads Shopping Center.

Pietrangelo says Landon Road will become four lanes and will help eliminate some of the traffic congestion. The road will become the main entry way leading to the Gulfport Sportsplex, which is located west of Landon Road.

"In the coming few weeks we'll see some changes to that boulevard," stated Pietrangelo. "The developer is going to widen it, put a center median in. Going to landscape it, put some sidewalks, bike paths in it to enhance, along with the nice entry way going into his development."

Pietrangelo doesn't have the architect sketches of what the new roadway will look like, but says it will resemble the Crossroads Shopping Center Boulevard; a four-lane roadway with crepe myrtles planted in the median.

Once Mugshots and Buffalo Wild Wings open, there will be more traffic in the area, but things are looking up once the new roadway is completed.

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