Judge signs temporary stay on SRHS lawsuits

Judge signs temporary stay on SRHS lawsuits

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A setback for the hundreds of retirees who are suing Singing River Health System. Late Tuesday afternoon, Judge Breland Hillburn signed a temporary stay on those lawsuits.

Attorney Harvey Barton, who represents many of the retirees, said he was informed about the stay via email shortly before the court closed for the day.

The case was supposed to be back in court tomorrow, but now that hearing has been canceled. Earlier this month, Barton and fellow attorney Earl Denham filed a motion calling for Judge Hillburn to be recused from the case. They said the judge's impartiality has been called into question.

The stay issued Tuesday also means that the lawsuits will be on hold until further notice.

It's a direct result of the $156 million settlement that was reached last week involving pension plans for SRHS retirees.

Lawyers for the retirees who are suing the health system don't want to be part of the settlement. There is a clause that allows the courts to force them to be included.

A federal court judge, not Judge Hillburn, will have the final say over whether the settlement is approved.

Also on Tuesday, three long-time SRHS trustees resigned as a result of the settlement.

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