Moss Point seeking resources to help reboot city

Moss Point seeking resources to help reboot city
Moss Point Community Development director Cathy Keeton works to fund revitalization project. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point city officials want to reboot the city, so they're using their resources to find money to fund a variety of projects. But now the city has found itself without a grant writer in the midst of this major revitalization project.

"I was informed Friday that our grant writer resigned," said Moss Point Community Development Director Cathy Keeton.

The revitalization project is intended to restore business, housing and infrastructure to a city many claim is dying. The city began the first phase of the project last year.

"The project started with code enforcement. We're doing a hazardous waste cleanup working with the Building Inspection Department," Keeton said.

After missing out on an opportunity to get a portion of a $4 million grant from the state, which Keeton said was a grant writing error, the city is working to find funding sources elsewhere.

"This was just one grant. There are others. We just have to find out where they are," Keeton said.

That's one reason Keeton is heading to a conference in Washington, DC on January 20. She hopes to gain some valuable resources from other municipalities to help Moss Point grow.

"It gives me the opportunity to see how they are leveraging funds from other sources and see about how perhaps we can go about finding those same kinds of resources in our own community and our own state, and see how we can fund housing projects," Keeton said.

Keeton said she'll also use the conference to ask about grant writing options.

"I'm going to be asking people specifically about people who have written grants for other cities. Who are they? Where are they? Do they have consultants who do this?" Keeton said.

Keeton said the process may be slow, but she encourages Moss Point residents to be patient and lend a helping hand in rebuilding the city.

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