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Trending WLOX: Powerball jackpot makes history; Mississippians race to buy tickets

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With $1.3 billion dollars on the line after no one claimed Saturday night's Powerball jackpot, Mississippians are getting their hands on tickets by any means necessary. 

Mississippi is one of seven states that doesn't have a state lottery, and residents are gladly hitting the road for their chance at a piece of the pie; driving as far away as Tennessee and Arkansas. 

To try their hand at the jackpot, which officials say is the largest ever, residents on our WLOX Facebook page are buying tickets and making plans for potential earnings. 

Kathryn Mcgowan noted, "Bought 21 today and if I win I'll set up my kids, grandkids, a few friends and some folks in need THEN, I'm having some much needed fun!!!!"

But with the cost of leaving Mississippi to purchase tickets, are surrounding states the real Powerball winners?

In an interview with our sister station, WDAM, District 41 Senator Joey Fillingane noted, “The reason Mississippi hasn’t participated in the power ball or any sort of lottery is because about 20 years ago we were faced with the issue of either doing the lottery or casinos. It was sort of an agreement made of course by the legislatures at that time that we would do one or the other.”

Despite what the state thinks, residents are taking to social media to have their say: "Mississippi is missing out BIG TIME!!"

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