Biloxi Fire Dept. in need of tornado relief donations

Biloxi Fire Dept. in need of tornado relief donations

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Biloxi Fire Department is looking to raise donations of money and building materials to help the assistant fire chief of Three Forks Volunteer Fire Department who lost his home in last month's tornadoes.

The firefighters have already made one trip to Northern Tippeh County to donate a fire truck and other equipment to Three Forks. Biloxi FD will send firefighters back Tuesday to build a shed for the chief to use as he begins to rebuild.

After Biloxi and Biloxi FD received an outpouring of support following Hurricane Katrina, efforts to help in other communities touched by disaster became a top priority.

"One of the hardest things for people in public service to do is to allow yourself to be administered to, and that's what I'm seeing up there. If you call and ask right now what they need, they'll say 'no we're fine', but they need a lot," said Deputy Chief Jennings.

Fire Chief Boney said the best donations to give are monetary ones, but they will also be accepting various building materials. If you'd like to donate, stop by the Fire Museum on Porter Avenue in Biloxi.

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