Popular restaurant bounces back after devastating fire

Popular restaurant bounces back after devastating fire

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - A roaring fire claimed Old Cuevas Bistro on a hot July night in 2014. Once the sun rose, there was little left of the popular Pass Christian restaurant.

The owner was faced with a big decision - rebuild, or not to rebuild.

"I went back and forth. We were going to have to to build up about 12 feet in the air, that was hard to take. I didn't want to build up," said Cassandra Timmons.

Eighteen months later, Timmons did reopen, but this time on Main Street in Bay St. Louis. She wasn't sure about making the move after the emotional loss of her long time Pass Christian restaurant.

"I was approached twice for the building, and I was just too scared to do it. It was so much work and so much time. I was afraid to invest time and money in a place I didn't know, but the people here are so nice and the town is so nice," Timmons said.

Cassandra turned to her friend Toni Strickland, who was more than happy to become her business partner in the next chapter in the life of Old Cuevas Bistro.

"I was a long time customer. After the fire, I talked to her and she asked me to help and here we are," according to Strickland.

The menu is basically the same with most of the restaurant's signature dishes still being offered. Some of the wood from the original building was salvaged, restored, and used in the new location. It's been a long and winding road, but Old Cuevas Bistro has overcome disaster and is open for business in Bay St. Louis.

"It feels wonderful. We're starting off super busy. We have new customers and our same customers. It's great," Timmons said.

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