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South MS residents weigh in on president's executive order on gun control


President Barack Obama's executive order on gun control is sparking mixed reaction in South Mississippi. Some people think getting tougher will help keep guns from getting in the wrong hands. Others say all it does is make it easier for criminals to victimize honest people. 

Gaston Point Community Development Corporation's mission is to make a better community. The non-profit organization offers summer youth programs, mentorship, and free classes to people wanting to start their own businesses. Executive director Sidney Rushing said people should not have to live under the threat of gun violence. 

"I don't know the exact number, but we've had a couple of young men who were gunned down and killed and some were injured because they had guns available to them," said Rushing. 

Rushing supports the president's strategy for trying to keep guns out of the wrong hands. 

"If we had more gun control, all these incidents of violence that happen in our country may not have occurred if you did not have access to weapons," Rushing said. "It's very easy to get access to a weapon in this country regardless of your age, mentality or criminal past."

Gun dealers said laws are already on the books on who has to have federal firearms licenses.

"If they are making money off of selling guns to supplement their income, they have to have a license," said gun shop manager Mike Creel. "That's already a law of regulation, but very rarely do they enforce that. So that might create more F.F.L.'s out there which is fine." 

As for buying guns off the Internet, Creel said it's not as simple as the president makes it seem. 

"Of course, you can buy it, but they're not going to send it to your house. They can't. It's against the law," Creel said. "They send it to another F.F.L. like us. Or if we sell a gun online we send it to an F.F.L. in that person's town. They go to that business and they do the background check."

Some gun owners say adding more restrictions doesn't restrict the bad guys. 

"I do not believe it will be any help to our country. The laws we have now are good," gun owner Melissa Mills said. "And the cities and states where they have more gun control laws, the good people are victims and the criminals, it helps them. Good people need to be able to protect themselves." 

Cook's Gun Shop in D'Iberville workers say they have noticed an increase in sales.

"It's a thought in a lot of people's mind. We've had a lot of women in today. We've had probably as many women in today as we've had men purchasing and looking," Creel said. "We already have a pretty good clientele, but I saw an increase. I've heard this over the years. Every time something like this happens they say, 'I want to get one now because I don't know if I'm going to be able to get one later.'"

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