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Get fit for the new year


If there are three people in your house tonight, the statistics say one will start the new year trying to lose weight. If weight loss is one of your 2016 resolutions, there are ideas you should think about before your workout begins.

Losing weight isn't easy. Keeping those unwanted pounds off is even harder.

Experts say one thing you can do right now is walk over to your pantry and throw out those tempting snacks filled with fat. Then, sit down and write out your weight loss goals, set a target date to reach those goals and develop an exercise routine that works out your whole body.

Sonya Poupart found out that approach really works.

"If I'm not in here, I feel like I'm without," Poupart said while taking a break from her cardio workout at E-Fitness in Biloxi. "It's like oh, I've got to get to the gym. I haven't been there."

Poupart remembers how it felt when the scale said she weighed 220 pounds.

"My oldest daughter was about six, and I couldn't stay awake to get her off the bus and on the bus," she said.

That inability to stay awake was Sonya's red flag. She realized it was time to get in shape. With the help of a trainer, Poupart developed a workout routine that includes either cardio work, weight training or swimming.

"This is kind of like my therapy," she said. "I get up every morning, I drop the kids off and I come straight to the gym."

Dara Sunseri works with people just like Poupart at E-Fitness. She said if your New Year's resolution is to drop a few pounds, you need to develop a long term plan.

"The research shows that if you do a good program over a large period of time, you're going to keep the weight off and you're going to feel better," Sunseri said.  

Poupart has been at it for a couple of years. Through determination and a lot of hard work, she has lost 90 pounds. She looks great. She feels even better. Her resolution is to stay this fit for the rest of her life.

"There are no magical beans when losing weight, but even when you do get it off, you still have to work to keep it off," said Poupart. 

If losing weight is your New Year's resolution, remember, working out is just part of the equation. You also need to adopt a healthful diet.

Dietitians say nourishing your body with the right foods enhances your ability to be physically fit. What are the right foods? Click on this link to see what the experts on WebMD suggest you eat.

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