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I-110 loop is now lit with hundreds of lights


Interstate 110 is a road that takes drivers right down to the Harrison County beach. Now part of that path is a little brighter. On Tuesday night hundreds of lights were lit on the I-110 loop in Biloxi. 

Whether people are driving over the I-110 loop or taking a jog on the boardwalk underneath, Harrison County wants them to have a gorgeous view. 
So when the county envisioned enhancing the areas with palm trees and lighting, MDOT agreed to support the beautification project with  $535,000 from a Transportation Enhancement Grant.

"We cannot put this kind of money on highways and bridges," said Tom King, who is the MDOT Southern District Commissioner. "This is what it's set aside for by the feds and so I think it's great. A great project. Lighting is all about safety. We have a lot of pedestrians that walk around here at all times of the day and night."

Around 5:30 Tuesday night, 200 lights along the loop lit up.

"Watching those lights come on. You don't know what you're missing until you actually see it lit up," said Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman. "It's positively beautiful. I'm ecstatic, excited about it and proud to have led this project."

Leaders said the beauty of the lights will no doubt wow visitors.

Swetman said, "this is our front door to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Now we now how beautiful it is and how wonderful South Mississippi is, but we want that first impression to be a lasting impression and that's what we've done right here. We've created a lasting impression for all of our visitors coming to South Mississippi."

Officials said the beautification project also included cleaning the bridge. They hope in the future to paint the bridge and add in concrete murals for local artists to decorate.

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